Toshiba Desktop Service and Support

We offers hardware and software repair services for computers and PCs. There is no better place in hyderabad where you can find a premium service like ours. We offer high quality repairs with certified parts at affordable prices. We can guarantee your PC a 100% stable system after our repair service without losing your data. We offer FREE quotes to repair your car. The company's policy is that we will always quote it before repairing the machine. We will check the specifications of the machine before repairing it and we will let you know if it is more advantageous to replace the machine. Our technicians will offer you the best level of customer service.Any problem with the computer you need to solve, we can help you! Our work is 100% guaranteed and we provide the longest warranty of any computer repair service company in hyderabad to ensure it is safe from any recurring problem

Some of our Toshiba Desktop Repair Services :
  • Toshiba Desktop Motherboard Repair
  • Toshiba Desktop Hard Drive Repair
  • Toshiba Desktop SMPS Repair
  • Toshiba virus malware removal service
  • Toshiba Desktop LCD Screen Repairs and LCD Replacement
  • Toshiba Desktop Keyboard Repair
  • Toshiba CPU Overheating

Desktop Hard Drive Upgrade Repair and Replacement

If your desktop, computer hard drive running low on data storage space, then it may be time for a Hard Drive Upgrade Service. Newer hard drives are popular for their increased disk size, with some ranging from Gigabyte to TeraByte easily. Higher disk capacity and faster drive means more storage space and improved performance for your computer, desktop resulting in a healthier system. It is possible to physically upgrade your 2.5 inch desktop/ notebook hard drive

Virus Removal Services

Virus attacks on computers is a serious issue and if not tackled quickly can cause problems for your data, other computers or your personal identity. Virus attack is nothing new for computers and more recently. The main issue with virus is that they keep changing and security software created to detect and defend computers against these are not always updated on time or failed to spot threats to your system. With broadband and mobile devices becoming more connected to the internet, Virus attacks are more likely to increase

Desktop LCD Screen Repairs and LCD Replacement

Our desktop screen replacement services delivers value for money. With professional computer repair engineers available to get your desktop, notebook running as new so you can have peace of mind.We repair broken LCD screens for desktop and desktops across various manufacturer brands and models, so we should be able to replace your desktop screen easily too.May be your LCD screen got broken, cracked or developed an unexpected defect through no fault of yours. When screen problems like these occur, our professional computer services engineers understands how to diagnose your unique fault and we can get your desktop LCD Screen up running by either replacing the faulty one and in some instances through technical repair services.

Hard drive data back up and data recovery

A virus attack, an accidental reformat or even a physical damage to your desktop or hard drive may result in losing highly valuable information stored on your Toshiba product. No need to worry! The Toshiba Data Recovery Service helps you getting back your lost files. If your lost data could be recovered successfully, it will be delivered to you on a new hard drive.We offer desktop data recovery due to a hard disk failure and we also can back up of files in your hard drive in a timely fashion and cost efficient manner.

Desktop Keyboard Repair

One of the critical components of a desktop is the keyboard. It can be very frustrating especially when the desktop keyboard fails to work or function normally while typing.No matter which keys are falling from your desktop's keyboard or accidental liquid spillage, we can provide super service to fix your desktop keyboard and would return it you in top running condition.Our desktop repair team will here to investigate your desktop keyboard’s damage level first before sending it back to our office for repair, and back to you with full keyboard working in a few days.

Desktop Motherboard Repair

If you find yourself graphical problems on your screen, such as lines running across the screen, or even something as minor as a dark shadow, we suggest plugging the desktop into a VGA/HD monitor, this way if the problem still occurs on the other monitor we know it’s a motherboard issue rather than a screen problem.

CPU Overheating

Under the qualified, skilled, capable and certified technicians get your Toshiba cpu overheating issues fixed smoothly. Our experts guide you in right direction of problem solving occurred with Toshiba cpu Overheating issues. Issues can be more heat producing hence damaging other components and affecting other programs of the desktop.